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Samsung Galaxy S8 Backup


Samsung Galaxy S8 Backup

Samsung Galaxy S8 is still on the way, and there are still a couple months to its release date. Of course this long journey to the expected best smartphone of Galaxy S series is not stopping people for talking about this fever. Well, it is because people are wondering about how Samsung will design the new flagship to be better than all released handset. As we all know that so far, almost every Samsung’s flagship has been well welcomed by users. By the way, before the Samsung Galaxy S8 is officially released, we need to be aware about the important of data saving. It is of course not an expected condition when you lose something that you really need it, or something that you want to keep it. this is why we need to know how to keep our data save. And here we would like to share about Samsung Galaxy S8 backup.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Backup

As we have mentioned before that the new flagship is still so far away from the release date, there for we can’t have a clear picture about how to back up data on Samsung Galaxy S8. But no worries, soon after the handset is released, we will update this information with the official method of Samsung Galaxy S8 backup method. Generally, the importance of backup is to keep the data save and capable to be restored whenever we need the data back. The common backup method of keeping your data in the safe place can be vary, especially when we are talking about new released flagship handset. Here we have listed several common method of backup.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Cloud

Samsung is now providing Samsung’s backup service, Samsung Cloud. This is Samsung new service that creates an exact backup of Samsung device, restoring everything from installed apps to conversations in the Messages app. So far, this backup method is exclusively for Samsung Galaxy Note7. Samsung Cloud enables the users to back up contacts (Samsung account only), calendar (Samsung account only), Samsung Notes, Internet (Samsung’s browser), Keyboard data, and Gallery. If you need to back up the other data, you will get additional menu by choosing back up my data, then you will be able to back up: Phone call logs, Clock settings (alarms), Home screen layout, wallpapers, widgets, apps (complete with APK, app data and app settings), Device settings (Wi-Fi, ringtones, etc), messages, music, and documents.
Google account

If you have a Google account, you can use your account to backup data on your device. It is an easy option to back up on the phone using Google account, but you will need to back up photos and videos separately using Google Photos. Possibility to back up data using Google account of course need a requirement of having a Google account. This is why often when you are starting using new smartphone it is asking you to register an account, especially a Google account.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Backup
Samsung Galaxy S8 Smart Switch

By applying this method, you can transfer photos, videos, messages, and settings to another Samsung device. This is especially useful if you have already owned Samsung’s device before you get the new Samsung Galaxy S8. If you want to transfer photos, videos, messages, and settings to the new Samsung Galaxy S8, you can use Samsung Smart Switch.
By performing simple steps to back up your data on the device, you are able to restore it back whenever you need it back or you can also restore the backed up data to your new device from the old ones. Backup also important to keep your data in the place whenever you have to lose your device, whether it is accidentally or in purpose Advertisement