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Samsung Galaxy S8 Hard Reset


Samsung Galaxy S8 Hard Reset

Samsung has a reputation for building a high quality device. This is why when Samsung is planning on releasing a new device, people can’t stop talking about the upcoming devices. This is what happening right now around the world, where Galaxy S8 fever is everywhere. In some respects, Samsung Galaxy S series is considered to have better camera quality than the other devices. It seems like Samsung Galaxy S series has seen a serious improvement in camera quality, that is why many Galaxy S series users love using these devices specially to maximize the camera to get a better images and videos. While talking the good stuff of Samsung Galaxy S series and the next flagship Samsung Galaxy S 8, we need to remember that often a device experiences problems. Even for the best phone, it is not impossible that there might be an error on the go. some error can be fix by performing soft reset, and there are some can only be fix by performing hard reset or factory reset.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Hard Reset

Samsung Galaxy S8 Reset

When the problem is not considered as the serious ones, a soft reset might be a good way to fix it. what is soft reset, and when we need to perform the soft reset are questions to be answered in this information. Especially for Samsung Galaxy S8 soft reset, which is still remain mystery until now. Soon after Samsung S8 is officially unpacked, we will gather all information about how to perform soft reset to Samsung Galaxy S8 and update this information as soon as possible. A soft reset is a restart of a device, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or personal computer (PC). Soft reset action will close applications and clears any data in RAM. During this performance, unsaved data in current use may be lost but data stored on the hard drive, applications and settings are not affected at all. That is why soft reset action is pretty safe to perform without any serious consideration. The result of soft reset won’t change anything on your phone settings, or even saved data and other configuration or even home screen and wallpaper.
Generally, Samsung Galaxy S8 reset happens when the phone is powered down and restarted it back on. To perform soft reset, usually you need to press and hold the power button until the “power option” menu pops up. When the power option appears on the screen, select “power off” or typical instruction to turn off the phone. Once the phone is off, wait a minute or so, then press and hold the power button again to start the phone. Once the phone has been restarted, check or repeat the previous action causing the problem that needs a soft reset. It is important to do to ensure that the problem has been fixed by performing the soft reset. Try to open and close the other apps to ensure that the phone is getting better after soft reset has been performed. If the problem remains sustainable, you will need another option to fix it.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Hard Reset
Samsung Galaxy S8 Hard Reset/ Factory Reset

As the phone is still a couple months to its release date, we would update the detail steps to perform Hard Reset/ Factory Reset of Samsung Galaxy S8 as soon as possible after the phone is officially unpacked. Before that, let’s what we need to know about Hard Reset/ Factory Reset and all its risks. Performing a factory reset is risky, it is because a factory reset will delete all personal settings including any changes that have been made to the profile or wallpaper. There is also a possibility of losing any messages on the phone, all contacts in these have not been backed up to the SIM card or another backup method, and any app that has been downloaded. To prevent unwanted data lost, it is highly recommended to back up everything you stored on the phone before performing a factory reset. This risky procedure also may happen to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

As we all know that performing a factory reset is too risky. This is why if you want to perform Samsung Galaxy S8 Hard Reset you need to be aware of this dangerous risk and make sure that your phone is only can be fix by performing this hard reset. Some general reasons for performing hard reset or usually called as a factory reset, usually need to fulfill any of these urgent conditions:
Trouble on the home screen. When your phone need a hard reset, usually start from a problem on the home screen. If you scroll from page to page and are noticing frequent stuttering or freezing, that is what we call as real problem.

When you are running an app on your phone, and when you want to go back to the home screen then the frustrating system hangs happen and your phone become unresponsive, you need to be careful about this condition. Especially when this bad condition often happens.
When the device experiences permanent problems. It is called as permanent problem when after trying to restart the phone, the problem remains happen.

As an urgent procedure, of course you need to really ensure that there is no other way to fix the problem but performing the factory reset. Check to ensure one of your widgets isn’t crashing. Be aware too when you are opening an app, and the open app is loading resources from the SD card. If the problem happens during this loading, it could be the card having issues, not the phone. Finally, it is surely your phone really need hard reset if you are getting a lot of Force Closes. When you are sure about everything to perform factory reset, then you should prepare everything carefully. One of the most important thing to do before initialing the factory reset is to back up all data on the phone. Check one by one carefully to ensure that everything is safe to perform the factory reset so that later when you have finished performing the hard reset, you can restore every data back to the phone. Advertisement