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Samsung Galaxy S8 Tutorial


Samsung Galaxy S8 Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy S8 Tutorial - Samsung Galaxy S9 is now what people are eagerly waiting for. There is a big question to reveal a big mystery about what Samsung Galaxy S9 will be. Would it have a curved edge only? Would it have dual-lens rear camera? Would it have iris scanner? There are so many questions about the upcoming flagship. Today April 21, 2017 is the Samsung Galaxy S8 released. Samsung S9 is expected to be the best version of all Samsung’s S series mobile devices. So far, Samsung has not yet announced the release date but the fever is already filled with great expectations. People can’t stop talking about Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ although it is still so far away from the release date.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Tutorial

We will share one by one tutorial to guide you take advantages of the anything available on Samsung S8.
Samsung Galaxy S9 Tutorial Release Date Specs App Update Guide

Tutorial Uninstalling Apps Galaxy S8
Tap and hold an app and select an option.
• Disable: Disable selected default apps that cannot be uninstalled from the device.
• Sleep: Put apps in sleep mode to save the battery by preventing them from running in the background.
• Uninstall: Uninstall downloaded apps.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Tutorial

How ro Enabling apps
Launch the Settings app, tap Apps → Setting → Disabled, select an app, and then tap ENABLE.

Galaxy S8 Setting app permissions
For some apps to operate properly, they may need permission to access or use information
on your device. When you open an app, a pop-up window may appear and request access to
certain features or information. Tap ALLOW on the pop-up window to grant permissions to
the app.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Tutorial Release Date Specs App Update Guide
To view your app permission settings, launch the Settings app and tap Apps. Select an app
and tap Permissions. You can view the app’s permissions list and change its permissions.

To view or change app permission settings by permission category, launch the Settings app
and tap Apps → Settings→ App permissions. Select an item and tap the switches next to apps to
grant permissions.

If you do not grant permissions to apps, the basic features of the apps may not
function properly.

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9

Just like the other new released Samsung flagship handset, Samsung Galaxy S8 is also expected to have better features than the features of its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S9. When the expectation is true, then there must be so many differences on how to operate features on S9 and on its predecessor. By reading this information after we updated it, we will share tutorials of all features to help you use the Samsung Galaxy S9 which is actually still so far away from its release date. Advertisement