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Samsung Galaxy S8 Update Galaxy S9, S9+ and Galaxy Note 9


Samsung Galaxy S8 Update Galaxy S9, S9+ and Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy S8 Update Galaxy S9, S9+ and Galaxy Note 9 - Samsung has just released Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on August 23, 2017. Everything we know about Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ and Galaxy Note 9 includes the release date, price, specifications, news, and also all rumors.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Update Galaxy S9, S9+ and Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ and Galaxy Note 9
Now Samsung are working on the new series of Samsung Galaxy series, that is Samsung Galaxy S9. Samsung Galaxy S8 just a couple months ago, but chatter of the Samsung Galaxy S9 release date and all rumors about it is already coming through thick and fast. The upcoming Samsung S9+ is predicted to be launched this year. Just like the other Samsung’s flagship handset, the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is also expected to bring a brand new ideas for public. This is not a surprising expectation since Samsung has a reputation for building a great phone.

Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+

So it would be disappointing if the upcoming Galaxy S9 wasn’t as expected. Actually, we are still counting months to the launching day of Samsung Galaxy S9+ but everything about it is very much interesting to discuss. And here we want to share everything we got from many sources about Galaxy S9, S9 Plus and Note9. Within a couple months before the release date of Samsung Galaxy S8, there must be so many interesting news and rumors round up among the chatter. And this is why we need to share Samsung Galaxy S9 Update to readers, so that they know every new issue and announcement related to this new Samsung phones.

As we all know, Samsung Galaxy S series has become one of the most praised smartphone models on the market. Of course consumers are exciting to hear about the new Galaxy S9, while excitedly expect the new S9 image would be as what they really want to see. But, as the launch day is still so far away, everything about release date, specs, unboxing, guide review is also still remain mystery.

Samsung S9 Release Date

There are some speculations say that the new Samsung Galaxy S9 would be bigger and the best smartphone yet, and based on information we have collected so far there’s a lot to get delighted about its upcoming Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ smartphone at CES 2018 this week ask when Samsung S9 release date.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung 'confirms' significant Galaxy S9 design changes, Samsung's regular scheduled programme is such that it tends to release the Galaxy S series earlier on in the year, with its Galaxy Note counterpart coming towards the end of summer. Given that track record, we anticipate the Galaxy Note 9 will be coming out in August 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date

Samsung seems very serious about foldable phones, new Samsung galaxy note 9 specs with the first smartphone that features a foldable design seemingly set to launch this year. The Galaxy X will represent a first for Samsung, but it's unclear at this time what kind of folding smartphone with a Samsung Note 9 price we're looking at CES 2018, Galaxy Note 9 Foldable design would be. It should be noted that the release date of the Galaxy Note 9 is still some way away, with the phablet likely to hit the stores in September 2018.Searches related to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Advertisement