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New Fitbit Coming Soon 2017-2018


New Fitbit Coming Soon 2017-2018

New Fitbit 2018
New Fitbit Coming Soon 2017-2018 - The Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Flex 2 released in late 2016 and the new Fitbit Alta HR cominng in March 2017, and is now the the new fitness wearable device Fitbit Coming Soon 2017-2018 Fitbit is sure to release more new activity trackers. The company has already confirmed new Fitbit release date.

New Fitbit Coming Soon 2017-2018

Fitbit says it will continue to sell the older Alta wristband, the one that doesn’t track heart rate, as well as the Flex wristband and the Charge 2. Official Fitbit had to develop a new chip in order to fit its heart rate technology into the tiny Alta wristband. New Fitbit tracker has made great leaps in battery life recently the Alta's five days and making it seven for the Alta HR despite the new tracker having more features and remaining the same slim size.

New Fitbit Release Date

The latest new Blaze-like Fitbit Smartwatch release in the autumn of 2017 but it has been delayed.
With news that Fitbit's bands are despite the release of the Alta HR, pressure is mounting on Fitbit as anticipation grows for the follow-up to its Blaze smartwatch. Its new smartwatch will need a good reception if Fitbit is to turn its fortunes around and return to growth in 2017 for next in 2018.

New Fitbit Features
New Fitbit Coming Soon 2017-2018

The new Fitbit smartwatch will feature a built-in GPS, colour touchscreen and heart-rate monitor. It should be able to store and play music, plus have a seven day battery life give better than before.

The other Fitbit fearures is larger displays and plenty of accessories are also a good for upcoming Fibit tracker. New trackers such as the Blaze, Alta, Alta HR, Flex 2 and Charge 2 all offer various accessories. The additional revenue to Fitbit many clearly aimed at the female fitness market, and this looks like adding variety to consumer choice.

New Fitbit Waterproof
New Fitbit Release Date

The new Fitbit trackers to be waterproof, just like 2016's Flex 2 band, but the latest Alta HR wristband remains merely water resistant. Of course, there will be a wide range of accessories on wearable dvice, the Apple Watch Series 2 is waterproof this is now a big issue for competitors with Samsung Gear S3. For Next the Apple Watch Series 3 and New Samsung Gear S4 coming soon.

Fitbit Bluetooth headphones

Fitbit will launch Fitbit Bluetooth headphones, like the Apple EarPods and Beats X ear buds, so far in 2017 we've seen the impressive Alta HR released. The Fitbit Flex hadn’t been updated since May 2013 but received a significant update to the Flex 2 last year
Fitbit’s Research & Development headcount grew to 863 in Q216, comprising 59 percent of the company’s headcount. Fitbit has announced that it will focus on two key categories: Consumer Health and Fitness, and Enterprise Health. It's providing more accurate health tracking data to insurance companies and other health providers. This latter category is yet to see an official release.

New Fitbit Surge 2

Fitbit announced the Blaze at CES in January 2016. In March 2016 it announced the Alta. Both feature detachable wristbands, which has led to Fitbit expanding into the lucrative fashion accessory market.The mid-section of Fitbit’s product range (Alta, Charge 2, Blaze) looks up to date, but the top-end Surge is clearly long overdue an update, as it was originally released way back in 2014. The Surge is the only Fitbit with a built-in GPS and competes with dedicated sports watches.

Surge 2 than a newly named Fitbit sports tracker with built-in GPS. This would likely include swimming metrics so will be waterproof like the Flex 2.The Surge has missed its annual update twice now, so we're concerned that Fitbit might have fallen out of love with it and this end of the market – preferring the Blaze to the Surge. But there is clearly a huge market for sports and serious fitness fanatics, so it would be odd for the company to continue to ignore it.

New Fitbit Surge 2 will feature detachable straps of various hues, plus Special Editions offering slight nods to the fashion conscious. But the core function of the Surge 2 will be sports, so expect it to be fully featured for Running, Cycling and Swimming. Cardio Fitness Levels and FitStar onscreen fitness workouts are sure to be added. Guided Breathing Sessions and Calendar Alerts are sure-fire features for the Surge 2 or whatever Fitbit calls its next sports watch tracker.

New Fitbit Blaze 2

The Blaze is now over a year old, so a Blaze 2 must be next on Fitbit's new product line up. Battery life will probably be extended to seven days. The Blaze 2 might actually morph into the new Fitbit smartwatch. Feature smart alerts, as first seen in the activity reminder, will also be rolled out across the Fitbit range.

New Fitbit Charge 3

The Charge 3 to have at least a seven-day battery life, an improvement of two days. In our experience the Charge 2 lasted 6-7 days anyway, so the new Charge could last 8-9 unless used extensively with a smartphone's GPS. The Charge 2 is still relatively young in the Fitbit line up, so don't expect a refresh to Charge 3 until closer to the end of the year. We know that Fitbit engineers are making advances in battery life, as they increased the Alta's 5 days to 7 in the new Alta HR despite it having more energy-sucking features.

The new Charge 3 to be fully waterproof and show swimming stats like the Flex 2. In May Fitbit announced that it acquired Coin, a startup that specialised in financial technology and electronics. New Fitbit features based around wearable payments are therefore likely at some stage.

New Fitbit Alta

Customers have been requesting waterproof Fitbits. A move in this direction with the Flex 2 is a popular one. Longer battery life would also be at the top of a customer wish list, although yet more proprietary charging cables would not. Fitbit increased the battery life of the Alta to the Alta HR from five days to seven.

All New Fitbits released up till the Flex 2 were only water resistant, despite decent ATM waterproof ratings, and so aren't suitable for swimmers. If you're interested in a swimming tracker read our round up of the best swimming trackers. Aside from new Fitbit coming soon 2017-2018 features swimmers Fitbit is aiming at other sports enthusiasts, with more features for runners and cyclists. Advertisement